Monday, April 27, 2009

Another photo set

Flicker Set from Johnny Lee

Here is another photo set from my buddy bryan at the tri-valley race.


Here is another set from my baby girl Sean

Official Pictures From the Race Courtesy of Chris Wong


  1. awesome race! so much fun! i saw your friends from the tri valley last night at the maca premiere and they said that there planning on coming to bakersfield for an alleycat that your gonna put on. im definately there. just wanted to keep you informed thought that may 30th and june 14th there are alley cats here so try not to schedule it for that weekend! i hope you can make your way back up here soon!! congrats on finding an awesome job as well!! see you soon

  2. Thanks man. I am planning on doing the race in July. Hopefully it doesn't fall through since I am going to be busy with my baby and everything.
    But hopefully you can come out for sure and bring some people maybe?