Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bike 4 Life Ride

This is the 2nd annual Bike 4 Life ride...
START: 2pm at the Lakeside Playground (468 Perkins St.) by Lake Merritt (Fairyland).
END: 3pm at Defremery Park (1651 Adeline St.) in West Oakland
there will be a celebration at the end...

It's a scraper bike led event, this year they are trying to raise awareness
and funds for the B4L bike shop they're trying to open in West Oakland.
More info on whose behind this at or

Also, if any of you reading (esp. those of you with connections to shops or
other bike "institutions") are down to help these folks out, they could use
your endorsements, time, effort, gear, knowledge, connections, and $$$.
Its a real good cause. You can get in touch with the coordinator Tony
at or whisper me for more info.
"For the last two years, B4L has convened our annual "peace ride" around Lake Merritt. The goal is to unite youth from all corners of Oakland and take a stand against violence and promoting unity. The bike rides were very successful, attracting hundreds of riders and sparking the enthusiasm of dozens of youth to bike ride. With more young people participating in bike riding and fixing scraper bikes, we saw a decrease in our members engaging in risk-taking activities and conflict. This inspired the idea of a bike shop where urban bike culture can be promoted on an ongoing basis. With your support our 2nd annual peace bike ride will be a success and our bike shop can open where bike enthusiasts would have a place to meet, work on bikes and share ideas. "

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