Monday, December 14, 2009

Ride For Reading

Ride For Reading

Our Mission
Ride for Reading's purpose is to distribute books to
children who are not fortunate enough to own their own.
In low-income neighborhoods, the ratio of books per
child is 1 age-appropriate book for every 300 children.
* Reading is an integral part of education, and without
books it is hard to build a strong academic base. Our
children need materials to read at home and it is our
goal to provide the means.

*Neuman, Susan B. and David K. Dickinson, ed. Handbook
of Early Literacy Research, Volume 2. New York, NY: 2006,
p. 31

Our Goal
It is our goal to get the community involved in our
mission. So far we have spread the word through
articles featured in The Tennessean, Parent, Mountain
Bike Action, and DirtRag magazine, as well as a lot of
leg work. As involvement increases we hope to partner
with local businesses for fund raising and book drives.
Without the support of others we are unable to make a
difference in the lives of children.

Text and photos via Ride For Reading

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