Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pushing hard

those days when your legs feel like spaghetti and you don't want to go any farther,those are what make you better,pushing yourself hard when you have nothing left.

for thirty minutes i thought i was facing writers block trying to understand how to go about the topic i picked, but it occurred to me...people ride for different reasons. i stoped for a second and thought about it, i was not being closed minded but narrow minded..yes. cycling is a beautiful thing, just like everything else in life we get out as much as we put in. not every one has to win the race, have the shiny piece of medal around there neck, or that trophy as tall as them. its nice to have goals and trust me i will be the first one to accept a challenge, but by asking a couple of friends how they felt really made me think about it. i will always push my self to the limit and challenge anyone who's willing but when it comes down to it its different to everyone and that's the true beauty.

these two quotes i would like to call them really helped me out.

i feel pacing yourself is whats best for me, i have just learned to pace my self faster than most.


my personal preference? i know i can go harder, its a hobby to me, i love riding my bike, but i know i haven't exceeded my limits.

thanks guys,

the duck

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