Thursday, February 4, 2010

Race to Fat Camp


Our first event "Race to Fat Camp" is brought to you by Track Novel member Manny Balalio! The meeting is going to be at Sonic's in Hayward CA, and registration will be at 12:00. The race starts at 1:00.

Race: Starts at 1 o'clock! This is a short one (easy peezy). A destination will be given at the start with 5 minutes to choose a route. Sprint to the destination, then arrive to find your manifest. Complete the required checkpoints then sprint to the finish at UC Mini Park off of Industrial Pkwy W. (Strattford Rd. and Canterbury Ln.). If anyone needs help finding the finish, email me at

Trick Comp: Our emphasis for this event is our trick comp. At the finish, there will be a park with a small skatepark where the contest will take place.

BBQ! Prizes are soon to be posted!
C'mon out and Ride!

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