Friday, March 19, 2010

Bike Bakersfield Race Team and Junior Develpoment club

Bike Bakersfield, Cycling and Pedestrian Advocates, Creates Public Race Team and Jr. Club.
Local Amateur Cyclists, of all ages and abilities can Ride/Race under the Bike Bakersfield Banner, promoting the City and Bike Bakersfield's Message, "Cycling For Everyday Transportation!"

BAKERSFIELD, Calif.- Bike Bakersfield, Cycling for Everyday Transportation, is proud to introduce the 2010 Bike BakersfieldCycling Team and Jr. Development Club to the 2010 racing season, its inaugural season. We are very excited about this new opportunity that has presented itself to us and are extending this opportunity to you as a potential rider. All we require is a Bike Bakersfield Membership, ($25; this gives you access to our "member" work stations and tools.), a USA Cycling Licence (approx $60.00, registered to BikeBakersfield), and the purchase of a BBCT Basic Kit (Approx. $200 for 3 pieces, bib, jersey, & arm warmers), a total of 8 pieces are available. See attachment for kits, please inquire for additional pricing.

About Bike Bakersfield:
Bike Bakersfield is a non-profit bicycle/pedestrian advocacy group, aiming to promote bicycling and walking as a safe, fun, and environmentally friendly alternative means of transportation. Throughout the year we present bicycle safety assemblies at elementary schools, encourage and support high school clubs, and research routes for people to get to work, school, the store or where ever they want to go. We also have a bike kitchen where people can stop by and use our tools to work on their bikes. If they can't afford a bike, we offer a program where they can volunteer time to obtain a bike that fits their lifestyle. We believe that bicycling and walking directly affects the overall quality of life in the Kern County community.

About Bike Bakersfield Cycling Team & Jr Club:

The creation of the Bike Bakersfield Cycling Team (BBCT) and Jr. Development Club is another vehicle by which we are determine to support these goals of Bike Bakersfield and its friends. The BBCT will include a Elite/Pro Road/Mountain team with a focus on both road and mountain races along the west coast. The focus of the Jr. Development Club is to promote health and cycling, and allowing the youth access to the Southern California High School Mountain Bike League. Through this effort, we hope to promote youth cycling as a safe, fun, and healthy means of recreation and transportation. Please contact for sign up info!

Thank you,

Zac Griffin
Community Liaison
Cycling Team Director
"Come Racin', Leave Fit!"

Bike Bakersfield
Bicycling & Pedestrian Advocates
1708 Chester Ave.
Bakersfield CA. 93301
Biking make Bakersfield Fun!

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