Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wolfpack Hustles crash race "recap"

getting a text from my friend Kevin at 9pm, and on the road to LA at 10 is just one of the highlights about the night/morning. no sleep prior to getting to la we were still in good spirits. rolling into echo park around 1am meeting up with our friends was a great site to see from our long ride,. we left the apt around 2am, we ride up the last bend to the meeting place and it hits me...this is insane! a sea of people are there to meet us, everyone there for the same reason, it was allot to take in so early.
Must have been three to four hundred people there. the energy was high and we were starting to wake up! we met allot of cool people before the race including the man him self John Cardiel.... so stoked on that. we finished the race in Santa Monica, so nice in the morning, a little cold but it was still nice. i don't know how our legs got us back to echo park but we got there lol. slept for an hour at our friends apt and we were on the road again. pulling into Bakersfield with the neglection of sleep it was hard for me to fully comprehend what just happened, but my legs the next day reminded me.

big ups to the WolfPack for putting on a extremely successful race yet again, and to the chick that kept me on my toes the whole race!!

the duck

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