Monday, April 5, 2010

If your not first your last 3 -recap-

Another race down for the guys at, it was good times all around. there is really nothing i can say that sums up the fun...except letting the pictures do the talking, promise I'm not being lazy.

kyle stoping in to refuel real quick.... when your fast i guess you can do that?

dazzle plotting his next move, refuelling as well. someone said something interesting?

Gabe from sharing some power bare with a fellow rider, nicest dude ever.

some of the guys catching there breath after the race.

"the boss" Ramon from RFC waiting at the finish.

Tony Robles with the goods coming in first, great job tony!

kyle coming in second checking out that new 25 rando.

first-tony Robles
second-kyle joy

great job guys!! big shout out to all the sponsors as well, black 47 tattoo,Boebags,,,ridefast guys,Lindsey Sharp BA.LMT, and of course yours truly lol.

the duck.

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