Friday, April 9, 2010

Please take a moment and read this and please.....

....think about slowing down and giving cyclists at least 5 feet when you pass. 
I was reading around the interwebs and came across this saddening news. A fellow cyclists has been killed due to being struck by a car while on a training ride. I as a cyclist, a Driver, a Father, a son, a friend and basically a Human being ask you everyone out there to please slow down and give someone on a bicycle enough room to be safe. Yeah we may be in the road but it is our right to share the roads with motor vehicles. You have to remember when you are driving you have a much more significant wieght advantage over a cyclist and that the cyclists will most likely not walk away from an accident. Just use your heads and do what is right...

Now on to the article. 

Bahati rider killed during training ride

Jorge Alvarado hit by a car in California
Bahati Foundation rider Jorge Alvarado was tragically killed while training in California on Thursday, Rahsaan Bahati revealed on his Facebook page.
Local media reported that a rider was hit by a mid-size sedan while riding in San Bernardino County. 
The news was also confirmed by the team

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Image Via Cycling News

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  1. Yes, I heard about this. And not only that, but you know I've told you about my friend Ashleigh, who was plowed down and left with permanent traumatic brain injury!