Monday, May 24, 2010

Blacktop Cyclery

I would like to take a moment and congradulate my good buddy Laurence for getting his business up and running. He has opened a mobile bicycle repair shop. Offering rebuilds, refurbishments, custom builds and just about anything you may need to get your bicycle running. Now for the greatest part. If you didn't catch the mobile part......yes mobile he will come to you! If you can't drop your bike off with him he will pick it up and get it rolling with a quickness. Blacktop Cyclery is going to be the number one bike shop in town.

"If you don’t already know, I have a passion for assembling custom bicycles for people. I can’t cook (ask my wife), I’m not great carpenter (again, ask my wife), but putting together a well functioning, aesthetically pleasing bicycle is something I love, and have been told that I do it well. So if your strong point is one of the many things I don’t excel at, and you don’t have the time, tools or knack to build your dream bike, please contact me to take the first step."-Laurence of Blacktop Cyclery

Expect big things in the near future.

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