Friday, May 14, 2010

Good article on the debate of helmets.

I was reading this article and thought it would be good to share. Well the comments from readers are why I kept reading. Take a moment an read through it and please let me know how you feel about helmets.

I will start it off here.

I love my helmet I have no problem wearing it, although I don't wear it everytime I get on my bike. I feel like helmets don't make you safer. In my personal experience I feel that wearing my helmet makes me ride faster and more aggressive like nothing cam hurt me, and when I don't wear it I generally slow it up a little bit. Kind of the same theory on bike lanes. They tend to give a false sense of security. As the article states the more cyclists the safer we will all be. The more postive actions we all make while on the streets are what is going to make us safer. I'm not trying to tell you how to ride a bike but for my saftey please I ask don't attract negative attention. Follow the rules of the road and give a motorist the same respect you think you deserve. So again I ask how do you feel?

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Did you pedal today, on Bike to Work Day? And if so, did you wear a helmet? I biked without a helmet, and in the eyes of some, that makes me reckless and irresponsible. Similarly, they say the Guardian has done a disservice to the community by featuring photos of cyclists-sans-helmets in our current issue, a criticism we also received about our Bike Issue last year. It's an interesting enough debate that I thought I'd move it from the comments section on my latest story up into its own blog post.

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