Sunday, May 2, 2010

Monday night hustle

We will be leaving sonic at 6pm as usual. The only difference for this weeks ride is we will be finishing back at sonic downtown. Plan accordingly. Here is the route for this weeks ride.

We will be taking
21st/Left onto Baker st./right onto monterey st/left onto mt. Vernon/right onto college ave./left onto fairfax. We will be taking a rest at the circle K right past the 178. We will wait for 15 mins to let everyone catch up. We will continue onto fairfax/left on panorama/right onto colombus/left onto chester and finish back at sonic.

I would like everyone to remember to bring a spare tube/pump/tools/water or anythig else you may need incase you get a flat. We will do our best to work with everyone and make sure no one gets left behind but sometimes we get a little spread out. I would also like to remind everyone that running red lights is not safe especially in a large group. Please use your best discretion and remember to use your head and be safe. We as cyclists will not get any credibility or respect if we do not follow the rules of the road ourselves. Let's keep it safe an fun for everyone. See you tomrrow.

Climb some

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