Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Veteran bike activists chime in on Critical Mass: Good or bad for the bike cause?

I saw this on twitter, follow@sfcriticalmass if you are on that website, and though everyone here on Bakersfield could benefit from reading it. It is about how critical mass has helped the bicycle movement in te SF area. Getting bike people together and having a good time on the streets we are allowed to ride on, what could get better?

"Has Critical Mass helped or hurt the bicycle cause in San Francisco? I asked some veteran bike activists for their view from the front lines. Dave Snyder, Mary Brown and Joel Pomerantz were key figures in the rise of bicycle advocacy in San Francisco. They each took the time to give their 2 cents.
As I noted last month, San Francisco has benefited over the last decade and a half from a resurgence of bicycling as a mainstream traffic option. Since 1992, when Critical Mass began, we have seen the following positive changes:

• More bikes on the road, increasing every year
• Massive and unprecedented increases in the membership of bike advocacy groups
• More funding for bike infrastructure
• Increasing respect from motorized traffic"

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Bakerfields 1 year anniversary is coming up at the end of the month so I would like to encourage people to come out and ride with us. We leave yokuts park at 6:00pm sharp. Come and show your support and help us in our ultimate goal to make cycling a safer place world wide.

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