Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Kevin's Thule roof rack that was on his 2009 Scion xD went missing last night. Complete rack system with three bike trays.

When he called me to let me know, I went to make sure that my roof rack was locked and secure. Come to find out that I had missing parts of my roof rack, and hand prints all over the roof of my car.

PLEASE PLEASE keep eyes and ears out for any info about stolen roof racks // parts. Let us know if you hear of anything or see any fishy ads on craigslist.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. No way-my roommates bike rack was stolen monday night! Some idiot just ripped it off the roof of the clue the s*** I've been thru since the event being I just moved in and none of us know eachother very well-i was jc if anything was blogged/advertise on the net about a bike rack lately and came across this. Crazy. Ill b checking in for an update