Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am a bike mechanic

Finishing my ride this morning was a feeling of self accomplishment, I did what i wanted to do, I set my goals and followed threw with them. Tired and leg's feeling like spaghetti I headed back to my starting point. On my way i heard someone call out my name, I turned looking to see were it was coming from. To my surprise it was mike and Jen a couple i helped out at work. I slowed my pace down and pulled over. Smiles on there faces i asked them how they were doing? With a big grin mike with confidence pointed to his bike computer, the average speed read 17 mph, I laughed and patted him on the shoulder. I want to say 3 months ago Dave and Jen came into my work looking for a football, as I was pointing them in the right direction I noticed Dave's sullen mood. I abruptly asked him why the long face thinking I could get a smile out of him, to my surprise Dave replied "only if you knew the half of it" so of course I pried a bit and got to talking with them. Dave just got done with intense physical therapy on his back that left him in a rut. For 6 months he was limited to how much physical activity he could perform due to the pain. A runner previously Dave did not no were to turn. I talked to the couple for a while about the advantages of riding a bike, the week after Dave and Jen were proud owners of a pair of hybrid bikes " easier on Dave's back" i sent them on there way with high hopes..

As we said our goodbyes that morning Dave enthusiastically said he wanted a road bike very soon, Jen sighed and shook her head laughing.

I am not a miracle worker, trainer, physical therapist,doctor,motivational speaker, or a psychologist.... i am a bike mechanic.

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