Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photo Recap of the Weekend

What an eventful weekend for our local cycling community. Just in case you couldn't make it out to these events, or didnt have the time to lurk our twitter, here are some recap photos that I took.

Rio Bravo Rumble: Saturday - 01/15/2011

Zac Griffin of Bike Bakersfield.
In full support of the High School mtn Bike team that
did an outstanding job at the rumble.

RFC: Bike Swap Meet - Sunday 01/16/2011

another successful event for these dudes.
always keepin it 100%

Nor Cal vs So Cal CX Race - Sunday 01/16/2011

Garrette Chow of MASHsf holding it down for Nor Cal.

VEGAS, the only one that did this CX event on a fixed gear. Kudos.


  1. kudos? more like fuck ya ahahah. today was Inspiring vegas!!!! you killed it!

  2. i got some great pics of him shoot me an email addy and ill send them