Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bad Decisions May 29th 2011

To end bike month of 2011, a few of us decided to attempt a century to the central coast. 

photo cred: Chris Rigby

Although we anticipated a century, we came up a little short. After 80 Miles of gnarly headwind and Central California's hilly terrains, the group decided to end the ride in Santa Margarita, CA. 

Miguel Berger
Patrick Orozco
Danny Olivares 
Samantha Vasquez
Travis Miller
Kyle Joy
Miguel Rocha
Jonathan Moo
Donato Cruz
Hugo Gonzalez

And of course, this trip would not have been possible without out wonder support groups / vehicles. We cannot thank them enough for all their support, patients and hard work. 

Jenny Chapa 
Tina Chapa
Chris Rigby
Alex Rodgriguez
Javi Cruz
Mike Thompson
Christy Martinez 


  1. Regardless of whether or not the ride was completed in it's planned entirety, the amount that was accomplished alone is worth noting.

    Congrats to everyone that was on the ride, and best wishes to those recovering.

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