Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A family affair recap

Team fuegos with the win!!!!! I'm thinking its going to be a good year for these guys!

A great turn out for such short notice!!! They all killed it.

Duck having fun spraying the winners with there celebratory drink

Standing on the sonic bench giving the guidelines and rules before the scavenger hunt it hit me... these guys were hungry. As soon as the lists hit the ground people were scrambling! Teams of three taking off in every direction of the night. In the end everyone arrived safe and not hurt... other than Travis with a minor scrape... but its not a ride without Travis getting banged up.

This ride wasn't about beating so and so or winning free stuff. It was about getting to know your city and the people that ride it with you. It has and will always be a family affair.

FIRST PLACE. Team Fuegos

ps. Thank you everyone that came out, supported and keeps supporting 661fixed let alone bakersfield's cycling community. keep pushing!

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