Saturday, June 29, 2013

Don't Steal Bikes bro

If you remember about two years back Oscar had his bike stolen and parts have popped up on craigslist so we started to do a little investigating. We found that someone that I will leave unnamed for the time being has been riding the cranks and some shit bag is trying to sell the seat and seat post online. We talked to them tried to get the parts back but they are not cooperating. We contacted the kid selling the frame and had him come into the shop we explained to him the situation and he let us know he bought it from a pawn shop and his story checked out. He was cool we worked a deal out and Oscar got his bike back. Long story short Don't steal bikes even after two years we never stop looking.


  1. I've had 4 bikes stolen in the last 12 years and I have not gotten 1 back ... Locations my bikes were stolen ... Valley Plaza ... Albertson's on Panama Lane ... Downtown Bakersfield Amtrak station ... and last but not least ... On the Amtrak train going to Sacramento ... Sucks because 3 out of 4 times I've had U locks and I can't figure out how they broke the locks ... FYI Valley Plaza refused to show me the video ... And So did Albertoson's ... So I get no help from businesses ... BS!!!!

  2. Hey Johnny I am sorry to hear this! For one I would say if it happens immediately report it to the police and file a police report so you have the proper paperwork just in case is does pop up. Chances are the cops won't go looking for it but its good to have. Also please contact Bike Bakersfield as we they post it on the wall and get the word out. Never stop searching craigslist. I had a bike stolen from valley plaza as well and from my experiences they are complete dicks and wouldn't let me get the video either and when I came back with the police/report they said that its on a 24 hour loop so its already been recorded over. Again srry for your loss and hopefully this will help if it ever happens again.