Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quote of the day:

Antonio Columbo on fixed geared Bicycles-"It is Fantastic, of Course. Look at any 10,000 of them, and no two are alike. Every bike is a piece of art, and you see that it is a portrait of the owner. I think best of all, so many of the riders are new to the sport. I believe these bikes are as revolutionary as the mountain bike, but actually maybe more virulent when you consider the impact of the bikes and the Internet. The proliferation of riding, style and design is so very fast now. To ride a bike without brakes, to go faster is not fashion, but their sacrifice, in some way, will help the world. Again that is Revolution."

 Article Via- Road Bike Action
photos via- Orange20
Antonio, Why for art thou?

Road Bike Action: May 2010
Living the drem...

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