Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Simple questions

Why do you ride?

After reading ducks last post I figured I would just throw the question out there. So again I ask what makes you get on a bike and ride it?

I will start it off....

I ride a bike because of the freedom I gives me, the control, the feeling that I am in control makes me want to push harder and get where I need to get to in the fastest most efficient way I can. I ride because I hate being confined in the square boxes with four wheels. I like riding with one speed and I like Riding with multipe speeds. Flat bars or drop bars and everything in between. If it has two wheels and pedals I am into it. Passion.

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  2. For the above reasons: freedom, control, efficiency, and a dislike for being confined in a box. I feel lazy and claustrophobic when driving. Riding is generally faster in high traffic/dense areas, unquestionably more efficient and less polluting than cars, and definitely more fun than being stuck in traffic and dealing with those crazy drivers. I love the openness and connection with the environment I feel on a bike, feeling the air, hearing the sounds, smelling the smells, and noticing the things you miss when you speed past at 60mph. Being able to stop at a light and start up a conversation with a driver with their window down or a fellow cyclist. Being able to get across town 15-30 minutes slower than someone driving, and 30-45 minutes faster than the bus. Leaving the house and being able to hop on a bike and get a mile or so down the road before someone leaving the same place at the same time manages to roll out of the drive way. Zooming past miles of traffic backed up at one of Bakersfield's many terribly congested intersections. The list goes on and on...