Tuesday, August 9, 2011

H20 H20 H20

Hydration is key throughout the hot summers in Central Valley. Dehydration is no joke. Its obvious and pretty common to hear about people talking about hydration. I know this because i'm always reminding folks about staying hydrated in the hot climates that we live with.  For those of you who missed out on last night's Monday Night Hustle; after climbing Fairfax road I had an episode where I passed out due to lack of water. As I woke up, I found all my friends trying to get my attention and bodily fluids all over me.

Ive been through more intense physical activity, whether it be Round Mountain Rd, hell week for baseball, or even the Santa Margarita ride; I have never had an episode to where I have passed out or shit my pants. It goes to show that dehydration happens at whatever skill level of riding or to any rider for that matter.

btw; recovery day sucks. my whole body aches.


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