Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012, ALREADY?!

I cannot believe how fast 2011 went by! I could have sworn that it was just yesterday, that I was blogging about the 2010 recap. It's definitely been a productive year: a lot of awesome events, rides, and memories were made. Seeing successful events and everyone having a good time on their bikes is the reason why this blog is still up today.  This year has had its ups and downs; some good friends made moves to other cities, other sold their bikes for cameras, skateboards, or whatever other band wagon they jumped on, but I must give it up to everyone who still pushes hard everyday and pedals their way through their commute. Thanks for an amazing year!

Everything from: 

 to all the other bad decisions that we made in between. Most importantly, we all had a hell of time during 2011. Heres to 2012, CHEERS!

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